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Our Principal's Corner

Our Principal's Corner


Are you Holy?"

January 7, 2019


by Jason Swann, Principal





 “Are you Holy?” This was a question asked of the congregation gathered for mass on Christmas Eve that my sons and I attended just a few short weeks ago. This question, along with the priest’s homily, has been swirling around in my mind ever sense. Are you Holy, am I holy? More appropriately, what is being asked is do we live our lives attempting to do the right thing in the eyes of Christ, and, if we do, than we are conducting ourselves in a holy manner thus, we are Holy. 

What the good pastor was attempting to help us realize is this: In a world that is surrounded by turmoil, highlighted by the seemingly constant scrutiny and judgement of others by the media, social media, people in our neighborhood, or place of work, and in many cases our own homes, we are fully aware of every flaw and shortcoming that we and everyone else has. We know this because it is almost impossible to escape it. Perhaps we have even been a part in pointing out the sins and shortcomings of others as if we have none ourselves. Perhaps we have been the target of the judgement of others who cannot exist without reveling in the flaws of everyone around them. As in every aspect of life there is however an inverse. Heaven is FULL of sinners who never quit, never gave up despite their inequities, redirecting and dedicating themselves to serve God’s will in their lives…they are called Saints. Today, we celebrate these saints not because of the many shortcomings and sins which they struggled with, but for the great and wonderful works in the Lord’s name in which they helped advance the Church and Christian faith. This was his message which brought me to the question, why do we seemingly celebrate the failures of others calling them “sinner, failures, etc.” pointing out each and ever flaw yet, even as Christian people, find it so hard to celebrate those in our own midst who are Holy in their efforts to, in spite of our flawed human nature, never stop trying to live for Christ?

The book of John, chapter 8 verse 7 quotes our Lord saying “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her.” When they heard this, they began to go away one by one, from older to young when only Jesus was left with the woman standing there. If you have kept up with your scripture you know that what happened next is what has happened to countless of us sinful, failed, broken people when Jesus asked why she was still there, “go as your sins have been forgiven.” Clearly the only true failure on this disciple’s journey is wallowing in your sin and not growing forward paying Christ back for your salvation. 

In this new year, I challenge us to figure out which aspect we want to celebrate others, and ourselves for, being imperfect or being Holy? I encourage each and everyone of us to “be Holy” and to point out the holy efforts of people all around us. Perhaps, if we can begin to focus on the holy efforts of others and they on those of ourselves, we may begin to move away from these callas, deflecting, judgmental, evil habit of destruction and destress into a more peaceful, uplifting and inspiring way of living and thinking condoned by Jesus Christ Himself. The choice is really up to you. 

Mr. Swann/Principal



[Posted January 7, 2019]

Our Principal's Corner