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Faculty & Staff

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  • Mrs. Kellie Linder, Kindergarten Teacher

    Mrs. Linder

    From Mrs. Linder:

    EMail Address: Kteacher@stmarycentralia.org

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  • Mrs. Tia Kasban, Teacher, Grades 1 & 2

    Mrs. Kasban

    Hi! My name is Tai Kasban. I am the 1st and 2nd grade teacher at St. Mary School. I started teaching here in 2008. I am a SMS graduate. I love working with kids, teaching them new things, and watching them grow. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2006.

    EMail Address: 12teacher@stmarycentralia.org

    Teaches: Grades 1 & 2

    Years of Service:

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  • Mrs. Emily Prior, Teacher, Grades 3 & 4

    Mrs. Prior

    My name is Emily Pryor. I teach 3rd and 4th grade at St. Mary School.  I graduated from Greenville College in 2007 with a degree in Elementary Education. I have taught at St. Mary School since 2007. My passion lies in incorporating hands-on, innovative lessons that engage all students.  I look forward to watching the students grow and learn throughout the year. I am an active member of St. Lawrence Church in Sandoval.

    EMail Address: 34teacher@stmarycentralia.org

    Teaches: Grades 3 & 4

    Years of service: 12

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  • Mrs. Maria Pryor, Teacher, Pre-K 3 & 4 (Interim)

    Mrs. Pryor

    From Mrs. Pryor: I am a lifelong member and alumnus of St. Mary School.  I have been employed with St. Mary for 7 years, and currently teach 5/6 grades and
    7/8 English Language Arts.  I am married to Kevin, and we have 3 sons, William, Myles, and Nolan, that have graduated from/attend St. Mary.  I firmly believe that St. Mary offers a firm foundation for good decision making, morals, and care for others.  It is an honor to not only work here, but to put my children in such a loving environment.

    EMail Address: 56teacher@stmarycentralia.org

    Teaches: Grades 5 & 6, is filling in for Miss Debanardi during her leave.

    Years of service: 8 years

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  • Ms. Laurie Klostermann, Teacher, Grades 7 & 8

    Ms. Klostermann

    From Ms. Klostermann:

    EMail Address: 78teacher@stmarycentralia.org

    Teachers: Homeroom Teacher, Grades 7 & 8, Upper Grade Math

    Years of service:

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  • Miss Mandi Debanardi, Teacher, Pre-School

    Miss Debanardi

    Is currently on maternity leave.

    EMail Address: PK3@stmarycentralia.org

    Teaches: Pre-K 3 & 4

    Years of service: 1

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  • Ms. Christy Jordan, Aide, Pre-School

    Ms. Christy Jordan

    From Ms. Jordan:

    EMaill Address: PK3@stmarycentralia.org

    Teaches: Teacher's Aide

    Years of service: First Year

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  • Mrs. Jan Hawkins, Teacher, Grades 5 & 6 (Interim)

    Mrs. Hawkins

    From Mrs. Hawkins:

    EMail Address: 56teacher@stmarycentralia.org

    Teaches: Title I Teacher, is filling in for Mrs. Maria Pryor.

    Years of service: Too many years to count

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  • Miss Sarah Hassel, Cafeteria Manager

    Miss Hasell

    Fixes all the delicious, healthy, and nutricious lunches at SMS.

    EMail Address0: cafe@stmarycentralia.org

    Job Title: Cafeteria Manager/Cook

    Years of service: First Year

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  • Mrs. Theresa Hacker, Parish Business Manager

    Mrs. Hacker

    Mrs. Hacker is responsible for the daily operation of St. Mary Parish

    EMail Address: theresa@stmarycentralia.org

    Job Title: Parish Business Manager

    Years of service: Too Many To Count

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  • Mrs. Vicki Laquet, CRE/PSR Director

    Mrs. Laquet

    Mrs. Laquet is director of Catholic education in our Parish

    EMail Address: CRE@stmarycentralia.org

    Job Title: CRE and PSR Director

    Years of service:

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  • Mr. Pierre N. Antoine, Principal

    Mr. Antoine

    From Mr. Antoine:

    EMail Addresse: principal@stmarycentralia.org

    Job Title: Principal

    Years of service: First Year at SMS

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  • Father Dale Maxfield, Pastor, St. Mary Parish

    Father Max


    EMail Address:

    Job Title: Parish Priest

    Years of service: 5

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