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Our Principal's Corner

Our Principal's Corner


“Luck or Blessing?"

October 11, 2019


by Mr. Antoine, Principal





Reflection for October 11, 2019:

Autumn is here!
Last weekend my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. While our actual anniversary was months ago, we planned for this weekend based on weather conditions and advice from friends. You might ask why we would travel to “Sin City”. Well, I was born there over 50 years ago, but had never actually been there as an adult as my mother had returned to St. Louis when I was only six months old.

The trip, itself, was fabulous with great food, fantastic events and gorgeous weather. The service at most every locale was spectacular and I can honestly say we crammed a week of activities into about 48 hours, but still only saw about 1% of what Las Vegas has to offer. One of the nicest moments for me was walking down Fremont Street on the “Old Strip” where my recently deceased mother definitely must have walked a half century ago.

This all got me to thinking about those who use the term “lucky” to describe good fortune. People think that luck, bad or good, follows them and that life’s events happen by chance. I prefer to use the term blessed because I don’t believe that events in life happen by accident. God has a plan. For example, my pocket aces getting beat by three kings. And despite that “bad beat” I know I am still unbelievably blessed with so much including a fabulous wife, three daughters, a great job at SMS and so much more.

The bottom line for all of us is that we live in the greatest country in the world, live in a community that offers an excellent Catholic education, and have ample food, shelter, and resources. Do we have struggles and hardships? You betcha, but it is the losses and the hurt some time that make us realize what we truly have. And for that, I am truly blessed. Was it an accident or luck that I landed at SMS? No way! I was blessed and I hope you feel that way also to have me here as your principal. Have a great weekend and Go Cardinals!

Mr. Pierre N. Antoine Principal












Our Principal's Corner